Looking Ahead to 2023

Wow, 2022 has gone by so fast! I’ve had an amazing year, from being hired for my dream tenure-track job at Lycoming College, to seeing Almanac for the Anthropocene out into the world and into the hands of readers, to successfully defending my dissertation (yes, technically it’s Dr. Wagner now).

Next year, I’ve got three bookish things coming out: a solarpunk/cyberpunk anthology, my novella When We Hold Each Other Up, and my debut novel A Shot of Gin. As cover art and more announcements come out, I’ll be blogging and writing about these updates in my newsletter (coming soon).

I’ll also be traveling a lot for the novella and the novel, so if you want to have me visit your college/workshop/bookstore/club, please let me know through my contact form!

On that note, 2022 marked a new adventure for me: speaking gigs! I actually had spate of gigs where I got to talk not only about solarpunk but my academic research, as well. You’ll find the recorded interviews or lectures on the new media tab of my website.

Even so, I’ve been working on my next novel, and I’m totally STOKED about it. It’s still early, but I feel like I’m pouring my frustrations, hopes, and love of academia into this book while telling a badass story–so here’s to my next novel, a dark academia tale.

Got some cool stuff, great cover art, and other updates in the works–but I can’t quite talk about all that yet. More soon!

Hope through action,


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