2023: The Big One

Hello folks,

In 2023, I’ll be releasing three bookish things! How cool is that? I’m stoked to share all these projects with you and hope they inspire you to make, do, and keep the hope!

To that end, I wanted to map things out so you know what I’m up to and where to find me!

On April 18th, my solarpunk novella WHEN WE HOLD EACH OTHER UP comes out! Pre-orders are available, and there’s even the first piece of merch for sale, a T-shirt for a skateboarding crew featured in the novella! I’m planning a book tour in May, primarily in the Eastern side of the U.S., but I’ll also will be coming to Madison, WI for WisCon! If there’s somewhere you want me to visit, comment below and I’ll see what I can do.

In July, my latest anthology, FIGHTING FOR THE FUTURE: CYBERPUNK AND SOLARPUNK TALES comes out! I’ve seen the cover art, and let me tell you, it’s the perfect blend of cyberpunk and solarpunk. Cover reveal and fundraising campaign to come!

In October, my debut novel A SHOT OF GIN comes out! A bit different from my solarpunk work, this urban fantasy novel is a romp set in Reno, Nevada with vampires, witches, and irradiated zombies. I’ll be organizing a book tour for that as well. Cover reveal to come February 18th, but if you’re itching to preorder, you can do so here! The cover is sooooo cool–I cannot wait to show you!

I’ve got my eye on a few conferences and cons, so I’ll make sure and post where I’ll be and when. I’ll also be starting a newsletter in case Twitter actually does close up shop, but I’m primarily active on TikTok: @profpheebs.

With all this good stuff coming into the world, I’m happy to do class visits, research/writing talks, podcasts, livestreams, interviews, etc. I’m available through the contact tab!

Finally, I’m chipping away on my next work-in-progress, a dark academia novel with the working title WE ARE ALL HEATHENS. Here’s hoping that 2023 is the year I get an agent!

I hope everyone’s year is off to an amazing start!



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