Stay Tuned

It feels weird to start a blog with all the shit going down. Writing feels particularly useless right now. Like–maybe I should have studied Spanish or been a lawyer. Something concrete. Instead, I’m sitting in Nevada, writing in a cabin, and collecting rejection letters. Yep, lot of good I’m doing right now.

This blog will probably contain a lot of seeds. Bits of ideas I want to turn into future papers, teaching struggles, themes I’m working out in fiction, things I fangirl over. I often don’t know what I truly think about a subject until I write about it. So here’s a little space for that which doesn’t feel quite as empty as scribbling in my notebook because I’m building a platform and a social media presence (lul).

Some upcoming topics of discussion:

  • Logan, queerness, and ecology
  • My next syllabus
  • Masculinity in Battlestar Galactica
  • FEELINGS about Battlestar Galactica (there’s going to be a lot about BSG)
  • Why Nevada loves Johnny Cash
  • Books and more books

Stay tuned, y’all.



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