How does one…”fun?”

Hi folx,

So I’ve had a pretty good week for a writer. Sold a story, got some bites from an agent. I of course balanced this excitement by ensuring I received a few rejections. Anyway, I’ve spent maybe the past six weeks really hitting the keyboard hard. A few short stories and a novella later, I’m feeling tired and slowed my roll to a more manageable 500-1,000 words a day.

Slowing down has left me slumming with the bane of my existence: Free Time.

For the past decade, I’ve struggled to find “fun” things to balance my writing life. Of course, I love reading, but too often that’s work, too, or it’s easy to let it become work. One of my favorite things to do is hangout with friends playing board games, D&D, or just chilling with a brew. While chilling is a pleasant distraction, it’s not instantaneous. Planning is involved. For this post, at least, I’m talking about the fun thing folx due just ’cause.

I have been getting back into running and hiking again since I moved on top of a mountain. Otherwise, I’m stuck. Hobbies? Learning new things? What is fun? I sound like a robot.

So, I ask,  what do you do for “fun?”

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