First PhD Semester, almost there

Hi all,

I should have known I wouldn’t have had time to blog during the first semester of my PhD. It wasn’t all bad, though. You always hear how hard it is to be in a PhD program, and don’t get me wrong, it was hard, but after the existential dread of my MFA program, this wasn’t so bad. What a different it makes when professors, you know, support you and treat you like a human. All and all, I’m really happy here at UNR and hope it continues.

I did keep up with my writing for about half of the semester until I really had to dig into the academic writing. I all but finished a novella which will probably be part one of a novel someday. I’ve been brainstorming for an urban fantasy I hope to draft during the six weeks of winter break. Plus, I got some reviews coming up at Nerds of a Feather, if you follow my blogging there. I’m back on the query train for my YA novel, so wish me luck.

On the academic side of things, I’m working on a solarpunk book proposal for an academic press, and I’ve got an anarchist Le Guin article on the back burner.  Later this month, once I’ve actually wrapped up my student duties rather than procrastinating them, I’ll put out a longer post detailing my experience in the PhD and my year as a writer. Until then!

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