Lots of Updates!

Hi folks,

Things got quiet here due to PhD work, but I’ve got a lot of news I’ve been meaning to collect in one place!
The biggest news is my second book contract: Almanac for the Anthropocene: A Compendium of Solarpunk Futures from West Virginia University Press! You can read more about it here!
Next, new/upcoming publications:
  • I’ll have a chapter in Feeding Cultural Fear: Essays on Films During a Time of Transition, 1998-2020 from McFardland about Mad Max: Fury Road
  • My short story “Wild Ships” was published by Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores (read it here) with a wonderful review by Tangent Online here
  • My solarpunk flash story “Plant Sequoias” went live at 365Tomorrows, read it here
  • My werewolf flash fiction “Werewolf Sanctuary” will be published by Flash Flood in June!
I’m also going to be at some conferences this summer! Feel free to come say hi!
At ASLE, I’ll be there the whole time and presenting on Thursday at the 4-5:30 slot (VOORHIES 396)
I’m going to WorldCon! This has been a personal dream for years, and I’m lucky enough to be on programming! I’ll update what panels I’ll be on, but for now, I’m excited to see everyone and experience the Hugos!
That’s all for now! Fingers crossed I can keep up on here a bit better.

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